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Hello lovers! Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m sharing a little secret… ever since I began designing with flowers, my husband refuses to buy me any! He says I am too critical. Probably true. Well, I don’t mind, because I shop for my own flowers and then get to “play” which is a gift in itself. This year for Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen two flowers that were on my Design Wish List, Anemone and Parrot Tulips as well as some good old standbys, Ranunculus and Dusty Miller all arranged in a Pottery Barn vase. They are a great source for high end containers. Enjoy your love-ly day!

Valentine's Day Arrangement

Since we don't operate a shop and don't carry stock containers and flowers, we don't do typical delivery gift arrangements. However, if you are looking to send an extraordinary and high end arrangement local to us, we can create the perfect gift arrangement for you.

This arrangement contains Burgundy Ranunculus, Magenta and Red Anemone, White/Green Parrot Tulips and Dusty Miller in a Pottery Barn vase.

Red Anemone
White and Green Parrot Tulips
Burgundy Ranunculus