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How cool is the internet? This bouquet of ours was featured on a wedding blog from Germany! Click here to see the full post. It was also featured on Style Me Pretty. Photo courtesy of Style Art Life.

Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet

What’s in it? Blush Dahlias and buds, Pink Ranunculus, White O’Hara Alexandra Farms Garden Roses and Peach Juliet David Austin Garden Roses hand-tied in burlap accented with ribbon from the bride, Dana’s Mother’s gown and a super cool and unique charm from Kristin Victoria Designs. Some fun facts about this bouquet:

  • It took both myself and my mother to wrap it.
  • Hidden inside the handle was a mess of floral tape and water tubes to keep the Dahlias fresh. Such beautiful and fussy flowers they are!
  • The Peach Garden Roses were a last minute surprise addition. Those roses were earmarked to be broken apart and tossed on the aisle for the ceremony. They were considered “work roses” which is an industry term for roses that can be discounted because they have been at the wholesaler too long. But they were in excellent condition and we knew Dana would love the color so we added them in last minute. It was the perfect pop of color and ended up matching Dana’s shoes perfectly. They were meant to be!
  • Dana had this vision for a piece of her Mother’s dress to be wrapped around the bouquet handle. Well when we received the dress, it was not preserved and was yellowing! I had no idea how we would make it work. I even asked if we could have veto power not to use it. She wasn’t going for it. LOL So we cut the dress into ribbons to find a usable piece and then frayed the edges. Voila! Presto Change O! Magically Dana’s vision came to life. It was a miracle and it looked fantastic. The perfect little extra something to give this bouquet a much sought after rustic elegance.

Weddings… They are always an adventure, even for the flowers. Have you had a “make it work” moment? Tell us about in our comments section. Thanks for reading. Come again soon. :-)