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Rio’s Bar Mitzvah
Venue: The Bear Mountain Inn
Color Palette: Blue and Green
Flowers/Materials: Green Goddess Calla Lilies, Various Succulents including Echeveria, River Rocks, Birch Wood

Echeveria Sedum Centerpiece

Challenge Accepted! Blue Up Lighting, Modern Decor in a very Rustic Venue with Green incorporated somehow. These were the parameters we were given to design around. Our jaws kind of dropped at first but we think we nailed it! We played with the idea of enclosing the rustic pieces within modern elements, just as the modern decor was enclosed in the rustic venue. Both the teenagers and the adults were very pleased :-) Another special aspect of this event was that every item was reusable except for the Callas. Now that is “Green”. No matter the event, we always remain true to our design integrity and produce events that we love and are proud of. These pieces could easily work for other kinds of events like weddings or even office decor. The concept is quite versatile. See the full gallery below. Enjoy, and as always, leave your comments below. We’d love to hear what you think.

Succulent Centerpieces

We placed blue LED lights inside the Silver Mirrored Votives to go with the blue lighting theme. The whole concept stemmed from light up lucite benches Rio and his sister fell in love with and used to create a club or lounge like setting.

Silver Mirrored Votives

These Green Goddess Calla Lily arrangements were used to line the ceremony as well as on the buffets, bars. We used submersible blue LED lights that cast cool blue swirls through the arrangement.

Green Goddess Calla Lily Arrangement

Buffet Decor

Silver Hurricane Lanterns

LED Lights in Floral Arrangements

Lantern Centerpieces

Birch Bark Candle Holders

Blue Catering Linens

Bear Mountain Inn Banquet Room

River Rock Centerpieces

Rustic Centerpieces