A Sweet Baby Shower at the Mondrian Soho


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Jennifer’s Baby Shower
Venue: The Mondrian Soho
Calligraphy: Lettering By Liz
Desserts: BalthazarFlour, Payard and Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Color Palette: Pink and White
Flowers: Pink Lisianthus, Pink Ranunculus, White Tulips and White Mini Carnations

Jennifer, the beautiful mommy to be, simply loves baking. And so her dear friend Adelle, the organizer of this event, decided to do a “mini baked goods” theme for the shower complete with a gourmet bakery table for guests to “shop” from with lovely pastry boxes and featuring goodies from BalthazarFlour, Payard and Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Once Adelle explained the theme to us, we immediately thought of using Ranunculus and Lisianthus. There is so much detail and layered beauty if those little flowers. Even the unopened buds add interest and playfulness to arrangements. And these flowers are perfectly sized for mini bud vases for which we knew would fit perfectly into the whole “mini” theme.

Martha Stewart Cupcake Stand with Bird Dome

We had seen floral cupcakes in a trade magazine surprisingly from a florist in Russia! They were very basic and inexpensive but were a hit with their clients and we saw how you could take the basic idea and make it so much more with flower selection and then adding the cake stands and cupcake domes took it to a whole new level of elegance. This design is very versatile. We see it being used for bridal showers, birthday parties and could even grace a desert table at a wedding. It’s cute yet sophisticated. See the full gallery below.

Baby Shower Table Setting Floral Cupcake on Stand Onesie Baby Shower Cookies Special Events Menu for The Mondrian Soho Mini Bud Vase Centerpieces

Guest tables alternated between the cupcake domes and bud vase trios.

Baby Shower Place Setting Bud Vases

A trio of bud vases filled with Pink Ranunculus, White Tulips and Pink Lisianthus.

Shower Bakery Table Display Baby Shower Cookies Alphabet Block Cookies Desert Table Display Baby Shower Calligraphy Floral Cupcakes and Cake Stand

This three tier cake stand was the centerpiece to an amazing mirrored table used for the gifts. With a skylight and crystal chandelier overhead. The whole room filled with light, reflection and an airy feeling.

Chandelier at Mondrian Soho Metal Lanterns
Baby Hanger Shower Project

Guests were asked to design a hanger for the baby’s closet. The fun arts and craft supplies were lined up at the bar. What a cute project for the ladies to enjoy and for Jennifer to have as memorabilia of a special day surrounded by all her best friends.

Mondrian Soho Imperial 9

This is a picture of the Imperial 9 room prior to set up. It is a gorgeous room all on it’s own but you can really see how our decor really sprung this event to life with subtle pops of color. It was meant to compliment the room’s already fabulous decor and not compete. See how the design all started and came together with a Pin Board on Pinterest

We hope you enjoyed this “sweet” little shower as much as we did. We invite your comments. Come again soon. xoxo

Fleur-Di-Re across the globe!


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How cool is the internet? This bouquet of ours was featured on a wedding blog from Germany! Click here to see the full post. It was also featured on Style Me Pretty. Photo courtesy of Style Art Life.

Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet

What’s in it? Blush Dahlias and buds, Pink Ranunculus, White O’Hara Alexandra Farms Garden Roses and Peach Juliet David Austin Garden Roses hand-tied in burlap accented with ribbon from the bride, Dana’s Mother’s gown and a super cool and unique charm from Kristin Victoria Designs. Some fun facts about this bouquet:

  • It took both myself and my mother to wrap it.
  • Hidden inside the handle was a mess of floral tape and water tubes to keep the Dahlias fresh. Such beautiful and fussy flowers they are!
  • The Peach Garden Roses were a last minute surprise addition. Those roses were earmarked to be broken apart and tossed on the aisle for the ceremony. They were considered “work roses” which is an industry term for roses that can be discounted because they have been at the wholesaler too long. But they were in excellent condition and we knew Dana would love the color so we added them in last minute. It was the perfect pop of color and ended up matching Dana’s shoes perfectly. They were meant to be!
  • Dana had this vision for a piece of her Mother’s dress to be wrapped around the bouquet handle. Well when we received the dress, it was not preserved and was yellowing! I had no idea how we would make it work. I even asked if we could have veto power not to use it. She wasn’t going for it. LOL So we cut the dress into ribbons to find a usable piece and then frayed the edges. Voila! Presto Change O! Magically Dana’s vision came to life. It was a miracle and it looked fantastic. The perfect little extra something to give this bouquet a much sought after rustic elegance.

Weddings… They are always an adventure, even for the flowers. Have you had a “make it work” moment? Tell us about in our comments section. Thanks for reading. Come again soon. :-)

Happy Easter & Passover Weekend!

A very Happy Easter and Passover weekend to you all!

Spring has sprung and the gardens are just beginning to fill with color. This sweet little Easter arrangement contains Red Tulips, Pink Hyacinth and Dog Wood Branches and buds all from the gardens of Fleur-Di-Re arranged in a whimsical sugar bowl.

Easter Flower Arrangement

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Cute Words from a Budding Floral Designer



So, I’m out in the yard doing some Spring cleanup with my 3yr old daughter and she comes up to me with a huge clump of flowering weeds ripped out of the ground by the roots with the dirt still in it and all, and says, “This is a bouquet Mommy. It’s for a messy Bride.” One, I love that she is weeding for me. Two, that she got those suckers out the right way. And three, that she loves this wedding stuff as much as I do! Someday I hope that she will be working right along side me. :-)

A Magical Snowed In Wedding With Lot’s of Warmth


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Jill & Brandon’s Wedding
As Seen On: Style Me Pretty
Venue: The Round Hill House
Photographer: Ulysses Photography
Hair: Stephanie of Sydney Madison Salon
Makeup: Shara Strand of Makeup by Shara
Bridal Gown: Marisa
Bride’s Jewelry: Judith Ripka
Bouquet Charm: BHLDN
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Flower Girl Dresses: Us Angels
Wedding Cake: The Pastry Garden
Color Palette: White/Ivory, Lavender, Peach and Orange
Flowers: Ivory and Peach Garden Roses, White Hydrangea, Ivory Ranunculus, Lavender Lisianthus, Seeded Eucalyptus, Baby’s Breath and Manzanita Branches

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Jill & Brandon
Jill & Brandon’s wedding, a gorgeous antique chic styled event is one of our favorites. It did take many a twist and turn in the design process (colors, flowers, containers and bridal party members just to name a few!) to get it there. In addition, taking place during a blizzard of historic proportion in October! Jill would joke that the wedding was becoming a circus.  But we pride ourselves on being flexible in all phases of the design process, including when it comes to making changes. In Jill’s own words taken from the Style Me Pretty feature:

“Rachel and Merry of Fleur-Di-Re Custom Floral and Event Design, really helped to bring my vision to life. They used varying antique gold vases and table numbers with garden roses, seeded eucalyptus, ranunculus and hydrangea and wrapped the bouquets and boutonnieres in bark twine. I wanted a vintage romantic feel with a fall twist, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a more fitting floral design. When my Grandma passed away less than three months before the wedding, I changed my entire floral concept to incorporate her favorite flower, the rose. When I saw how beautiful everything turned out, I immediately thought of her, and felt like she was there.”

When we arrived we thought we may find Jill in tears over the storm but we were welcomed with hugs and kind words. Jill was a vision of grace. Despite the weather outside, the wedding was warm, swoon over romantic and the snow made it even more magical. And I can tell you there were certainly no circus side shows! ;-)

We didn’t stay, braving the snow to make it home to our families but we were secretly wishing our cars would get stuck  in the snow so we could join in on the festivities.

Enjoy these photos and stay tuned for a DIY post on how we created the unique table numbers used in this wedding. :-)  Also make sure to check out the full gallery in the SMP feature. You won’t be disappointed!  A big thank you to Ulysses and Jenni of Ulysses Photography for sharing these ah-mazing images with us. And of course thank you to Jill & Brandon for allowing us to take part in their special day. Congratulations guys!

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography

White Ranunculus Boutonniere
Brandon and his groomsman all wore White Ranunculus boutonnieres with Seeded Eucalyptus wrapped in a rustic bark twine. Boutonnieres are usually one of the easiest items to make in a wedding but the bark twine on these was sooo difficult to work with. It kept unraveling and had to be glued at the ends repeatedly. The look was totally worth it but if other floral designers are reading this, beware and practice wrapping with the material in advance!

White Ranunculus Boutonniere with Seeded Eucalyptus
Rustic charm with soft elegance.

White, Peach and Lavender Bridal Bouquet
Jill’s bridal bouquet was made with White Hydrangea and Ranunculus, the most amazing Lavender Lisianthus (the colors looked painted) and our favorite Garden Rose from David Austin Roses, the Peach Juliet all hand-tied in bark twine. It was breathtaking.
Bark Twine Wrapped Bouquet Handle

BHLDN Bouquet Charm
BHLDN Locket Bouquet Charm
Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet
White Hydrangea Bouquet
Coordinating Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets
Though Hydrangea are a more expensive flower, you get a lot of bang for your buck because of their size making them budget friendly when used smartly. Jill’s Bridesmaid Bouquets literally contained two stems of Hydrangea and two stems of Seeded Eucalyptus, making them very cost effective.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Snowy Weddings

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Peach and Lavender Bridal Bouquet

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Hydrangea Wedding

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Eggplant Purple Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses
I love that there was nothing matchy matchy about this wedding yet everything coordinated beautifully. Kudos to Jill for choosing stunning Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses in a super flattering shade of eggplant. When I first saw the bridal party, I couldn’t get Jill’s circus comments out of my head and just thought, well that’s one classy circus ;-) They all looked amazing! The flower girls are wearing matching hair wreaths of Baby’s Breath with ribbon streamers at the back. They were precious.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Simple Bridesmaid Bouquets

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Inexpensive Bridesmaid Bouquets
A great way to way to cut down on spending for your wedding decor is to repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets in simple vases. Especially if you have a large bridal party. You can place the bouquets on the cake table, window sills, mantles, bars, bathrooms and anywhere else they look pretty.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Reuse of Bridesmaid Bouquets

White and Lavender Floral Arrangement
Wedding Chalkboard
Rose Petal Cones
These little paper cones filled with preserved rose petals were made by Jill. They are a simple, inexpensive DIY project that really adds to the ceremony bringing in a little fun factor for your guests and they sure are pretty.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Birch, Hydrangea and Seeded Eucalyptus Huppah
The Manzanita Branch arrangements at the sides of the Hoopah were also repurposed after the ceremony as table centerpieces. As long as they are easy to move and you have someone to do the moving, there is no harm or shame in repurposing items from your ceremony later on in the wedding. All these little money saving tricks will add up to quality versus quantity.  Personally I’d rather have fewer really special pieces than a bunch of run of the mill ones.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses PhotographyChuppah Decoration

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Manzanita Branch Wedding Centerpiece

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Centerpiece with Hanging Votives
We got a little obsessive and even painted the silver wires on these hanging votives gold to coordinate with the wedding. No one but us probably noticed but that’s just how we do things. We pay big attention to even the tiniest of details to bring an event together. Each piece is created how we would want for our own wedding. We don’t skimp on anything.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Antique Inspired Wedding Centerpieces
These boxes are from my very own wedding. They were originally silver and green and we painted them gold just for Jill & Brandon. We still have them and they are available for renting or purchasing. Renting is another great money saver. As part of your florist’s fees you will pay a mark up on any hard goods they purchase for you. If they have items you can rent, you may be able to get the same containers you love at or below cost. If you’re concerned your guests won’t be able to take home the centerpieces (which most people love to do), your florist may have tricks that will allow the flower portion to be removed. These boxes have liners in them that are easily removed.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Gold Centerpiece Containers
Mixing up your centerpiece containers and their heights will add interest to your room. Even the most amazing centerpieces may lose their impact when there is no variation throughout the room.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Unique Table Number Idea
These unique table numbers are actually the tops to the decorative boxes that some of the centerpieces were made in. We’ll post a DIY how to on these soon so stay tuned.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Gold Table Numbers

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Orange and Peach Wedding Cake
The cake was decorated with fresh Orange Ranunculus and Peach Garden Roses.

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography
Ranunculus and Garden Rose Wedding Cake
This image gets my vote for one of the cutest cake cutting photos!

Well that’s all for now folks. Thanks and come again soon! xoxo

Jill & Brandon’s Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty!


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Yesterday we received the exciting news that we were again featured on the ultimate wedding blog, Style Me Pretty!  This is our third feature with them, this time for Jill & Brandon’s October “winter wonderland” wedding at the beautiful Round Hill House, photographed by the very talented Ulysses Photography.  This is a wedding we won’t ever forget for many a reason but first and foremost because it took place during Halloween weekend of 2011 which brought in a historic blizzard here in NY.  What could have been disastrous, tuned out to be a magical evening as you will see in the photos. Though I will soon post them on this site, you can check out the full SMP feature now here.

Jill & Brandon

Image Courtesy of Ulysses Photography

Let’s show Carnations some Love


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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “Anything but Carnations” from my brides.  And before I got into this business, I was just like them, thinking Carnations looked cheap and common and had pretty much zero appreciation for them.  But since I started designing with flowers I have seen so many amazing  Carnations… gorgeous colors and such a variety.  Not only that but they are super hardy, standing up to rough handling and lack of water.  Now let’s not insult them anymore.  They deserve our love.  When used in the right way, Carnations can look… well, expensive.  Check out this gorgeous bouquet I made with some Carnations I received on my birthday to play with.  Yes, giving me work is a gift ;-) Enjoy!

Pink Carnation Bouquet

This bouquet contains Pink Carnations with a touch of Yellow with Dusty Miller, hand-tied in Burlap with Pearl Pin detailing.

Carnation Bouquet

Carnation and Dusty Miller Bouquet

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Hello lovers! Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’m sharing a little secret… ever since I began designing with flowers, my husband refuses to buy me any! He says I am too critical. Probably true. Well, I don’t mind, because I shop for my own flowers and then get to “play” which is a gift in itself. This year for Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen two flowers that were on my Design Wish List, Anemone and Parrot Tulips as well as some good old standbys, Ranunculus and Dusty Miller all arranged in a Pottery Barn vase. They are a great source for high end containers. Enjoy your love-ly day!

Valentine's Day Arrangement

Since we don't operate a shop and don't carry stock containers and flowers, we don't do typical delivery gift arrangements. However, if you are looking to send an extraordinary and high end arrangement local to us, we can create the perfect gift arrangement for you.

This arrangement contains Burgundy Ranunculus, Magenta and Red Anemone, White/Green Parrot Tulips and Dusty Miller in a Pottery Barn vase.

Red Anemone
White and Green Parrot Tulips
Burgundy Ranunculus

A Nontraditional Approach to the Bridesmaid Dress


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Photo courtesy of Art Vision Studio.  See more from this wedding in our Portfolio – Deb & Adam

Doesn’t this bridal party look amazing? Sophisticated and sleek. You’d think those Bridesmaids must have paid a fortune for those designer dresses right? Think again. Think Forever 21. Think $28!… You can pick up your jaws now ;-) Deb, their beautiful and (thrifty) Bride wanted her girls to wear a dress they loved. Something that was flattering to all and that they were sure to wear again. Most importantly a dress that wouldn’t break the bank! We love that she thought out of the box when choosing her Bridesmaid dresses. Who says you have to buy your Bridesmaid dresses from a bridal salon? Deb says that several of her girls have worn their dresses again. I wish I had thought of that years ago when I got married.  Sorry ladies!  See below for more great little dresses from Forever 21 that could be Bridesmaid dress candidates for your wedding.

All of these Forever 21 picks are under $30!